“Vampire Happy Hour takes the listener through several dimensions. From the gritty road song I Need A Ride to the dream-like Weekend In Tokyo, this album has something for everyone and doubles as a sultry traveling companion for those long drives east, over the mountains, where the sun shines and the ground beneath your feet is firm.”  -- Jason, West Seattle Fun Blog, June 3,2010


“Either the Brian Marshall Band is still trying to find its niche or they’re just diverse enough to cover it all. I believe it’s the latter." -- West Seattle Fun Blog.

“So let’s get to our final song. The biggest one. I’ve listened to these. I think this is the best one too… no offense to Riverbend or Subrocket…but Damn these guys are good. Brian Marshall Band.”  -- Michael “Raizin” Mason (The Raizin Show - The Northwest Music Scene Podcast) May 20, 2010