The Brian Marshall Band (BMB) began with Brian deciding to pick up where he left off with his friends in mayfly after the band went on hiatus in 2003. He started by playing acoustic shows at local coffee shops and cafes in Seattle and decided it was time to recruit some help to jolt the music to life. In 2007, after two solo albums, he knew it was gonna take a band to play the music in a cohesive and consistent manner. The first BMB iteration put together a live show that rocked some of Seattle's finest stages including the Triple Door, the Tractor Tavern, Chop Suey, the High Dive, and the Sunset Tavern.


The band released Vampire Happy Hour in 2010 at the height of pop culture's scorn for all things Vampire. Soon thereafter, Brian and drummer Ivan Haas were on their own and went on the hunt for the right elements. They tried their hand as a trio by adding Steve Esmaili on bass and played some solid shows at the Nectar and the Mars Bar before deciding to go into Cobra Studios to record an EP that reflected the new line-up. After basic tracking was complete, Steve decided to separate from the band and once again, Brian and Ivan began the search.


As luck would have it, they met guitarist and singer-songwriter Jesse Herinckx along with bassist Ian “Hollywood” Hill at the Starlite open mic. The chemistry was strong, the rehearsals gelled and the musical conversation was better than it had ever been. Jesse and Ian added tracks to the songs on Worth the Chase and cemented the new direction forward. The band lives on, playing shows in support of Worth the Chase as they work on new material for a follow-up release later this year.




Vocals and guitars

Brian has one mission in life... to make music that soothes the troubled soul. Whether it's a full service rock and roll song, an acoustic ballad, or something more experimental,  the purpose is the same... making life a little better through music.


Brian has written and produced music for more than a decade, and his songs have been featured in TV shows, independent films and compilation cds in addition to his self-released albums.


In his off time, Brian likes to help other songwriters record their music at his project studio, known as Cobra Studios, in West Seattle. He also enjoys riding motorcycles, traveling to new places in the world, reading about history, soaking in life and the chaos all around, and he hopes to take up scuba diving in the near future.



Ivan grew up in Yakima listening to Guns n Roses (Adler), Alice in Chains (Kinney), Mad Season (Martin) and the Beastie Boys.  In 1995 he moved to Seattle.  His percussive experiences include playing in various bands throughout high school and college years.


Ivan was a member of the Drumline in the UW Husky Marching Band and the Seahawks Blue Thunder Drum line.  He played for 3 years in local group Half Dexter, and later began to play with Brian Marshall in the summer of 2007.


Ivan loves Northlake Tavern pizza, Husky and Seahawk Football and the movie Tommy Boy.  Somehow his wife Andrea still enjoys spending time with him and their daughter Violet.


Guitars and vocals

Jesse grew up in the mean streets of Olympia, Washington. Having had to learn to survive the street gang violence and oppressively awful odor of the local hippies, Jesse turned to music as his escape from the daily grind. After high school, Jesse joined the Coast Guard where he continued to hone his finger picking, songwriting and vocal chops.


After his 5 year stint was over, he moved back to Seattle, where as fate would have it, he became a fixture at the Starlite Open Mic at Shadowland in West Seattle. There he met Brian and the two began working together on harmonizing and two-man guitar arrangements.


Sensing the need for some turning it up to 11, Brian invited Jesse to play with the band and record parts for their followup EP, Worth the Chase. In his free time from the music, Jesse likes to attend classes for his other life mission... to be a teacher.


Bass and vocals

Rotting away in a North Hollywood hospital attempting to heal from a knife wound inflicted by Sean Penn's half-cousin during a bar room brawl, Ian thought to himself, “LA sucks... I'm going back to Seattle and joining a ton of bands.”


And that's exactly what he did. He too became a fixture at the Starlite Open Mic where he met both Brian and Jesse. He soon became friends with them and devoted a third of his “band”width to the BMB as it's new bass player. Ian brings a dose of punk rock sentimentality to the band that helps lift the music out of the mellow shoe-gazer balladry of its past.


Never one to skip an opportunity to have a laugh at anyone's expense, Ian makes the BMB fun to be a part of for audiences as well as his fellow band members.